Dewey Beach is officially reopening for what is sure to be an amazing season in 2021, and the constellation of businesses that make up the Dewey Business Partnership (DBP) are poised for what could be a record breaking year in their beach town. The Partnership, which was formed in 2011, has been steadily working to enhance the community culture of Dewey Beach through events and benevolence.

Kelly Ranieri, Executive Director for the DBP, says that already, the events in 2021 have seen high turn out, and growth in the volunteer base. This is helping drive overall growth for the non-profit partnership. “We rely on the volunteer base we have developed. All our events from the Arts Fest to the Sea Witch bonfire run on volunteers. I simply couldn’t do it without them. Because of the continued growth of volunteers, we as a partnership, are also in a growth period.”

The Partnership, currently comprised of 28 prominent businesses in Dewey Beach, not only creates family friendly events, but they function as a cohesive group of business owners who foster a sense of camaraderie within Dewey. This creates an advantage for members because the partnership serves as a pipeline between the town, public services like the police force, the business owners, and the residents. They prioritize town communication, which in turn, allows Dewey to function with understanding and transparency.

DBP founding member, Steve “Monty” Montgomery, owner of The Starboard Restaurant, says, “Cooperation over the years between the town and the Dewey Business Partnership has been tremendous, and because of that, we have been supported by the town to be able to contribute in amazing ways.”

From providing funding and equipment to the Dewey Beach Lifeguards or to the Dewey Beach Police Force, to creating a myriad of events like the Clydesdale Parade, Egg Scoop, or family beach events, the DBP helps coordinate funding and communication, which are key to problem solving within the community.

This, in turn, has enhanced the narrative around the town, overall. Dewey is a place people love to bring their families to enjoy the beach and events, but also a place synonymous with relaxation, great nightlife, awesome restaurants, and live music. The Dewey Business Partnership is making the town extremely well rounded by design through adding family friendly events and filling monetary and supply gaps as they arise.

Community investment is a cornerstone of the Partnership, and membership is currently open for interested businesses who want to be a part of contributing to the positive vibe of building town culture. To specifically support the businesses that build the town, residents and vacationers can access a full list of the businesses that participate in The Dewey Business Partnership, which is available at https://deweybusinesspartnership.com